Matching your web plan to your business plan is a large part of Internet success. Finding innovative approaches is they key to your long-term growth. That is just what SitePlan provides.

As most executives have learned, the most impressive and effective web-based solutions are all powered by advanced data-driven applications. These applications work with existing business systems and are designed to offer a true two-way flow of information. The problem is, many businesses don't know how to build it themselves. For these corporations SitePlan offers Internet Solution Consulting©.

SitePlan will provide a team of marketing and software professionals that can provide both strategic and tactical consulting. They first take the time to understand your business needs. Then, in conjunction with your staff, they determine project goals and deliver a solution tailored to your needs.

One recent project involved streamlining the collection of catalog information from thousands of global sources. We determined the most cost effective way to meet the challenge:

Enable individuals around the world to input and edit their entries in their native languages over the web

Once implemented, data was entered, translated, proofed and edited from locations around the globe, providing an immense cost savings of over $250,000 in the first year. The final product is an on-line searchable software catalog in eight different languages.

This project was recognized in the July, 1998 issue of CIO WebBusiness magazine as an outstanding extranet that represents the latest sophistication, ambition and effectiveness of web applications today.

Consulting services proven to solve real world problems.

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