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  Stories In Common was launched to a beta testing audience on April 15th. It is available at and after approximately 90 days of trials it will then be announced to a broad audience.

 SitePlan begins work on a unique new site, Stories In Common. How often have you spent time with friends discussing some common life event you all experienced? Maybe a first love or the death of a parent. This is a place where you can share your life stories and see those of others.

 Effectively managing the content and business workings of a corporate web presence can be the difference between success and failure. SitePlan's newest practice area helps a company audit and address their specific needs. It concentrates on increasing effeciency and converting more visitors to customers.

 SitePlan helps consumer law advocates Roddy, Klein and Ryan to get their message out on the web.

 SitePlan begins work with to create a flexible and reusable toolset for software build and testing environments.

 To build and maintain a strong customer base for a global leader in power utility engineering, SitePlan Web Solutions built an e-community tool that ties together its product problem solving systems. The Internet is now the preferred method for getting answers and building a reusable knowledge repository.

 A customer portal streamlines today's business processes and extends them to provide new and better ways of conducting business. SitePlan has begun work on a portal system that will act as a 24x7 face for a Boston-based, worldwide corporation. Its goal is not just to provide a technology solution but to build a tool which supports the current marketing, sales and product support efforts.

 There is no easier deployment of Salesforce Automation than a fully web-enabled interface. SitePlan designed and built a world-class eCRM system for a 1000 person global salesforce in record time. It provides a multi-lingual, multi-national distributed lead and sales pipeline.

Salesforce Automation

 SitePlan establishes Extramediate to build tools for highly focused extranets. The new venture's first offering will be called, a service to enable one-to-one high ticket sales.

 SitePlan is chosen to build key pieces of a new voice-activated wireless portal system.

 SitePlan unveils an updated Progress Solutions Catalog, a searchable interface to over 5000 enterprise-class software packages.  The catalog, available in a choice of nine languages, enables easy querying through a wide range of specialized industry criteria. The data is collected and managed on-line by thousands of contributors around the world.

Solutions Catalog

Previous Highlights

 SitePlan begins work on web enabled salesforce automation. This unique solution will allow a global sales team to collaborate with complementary resources at the company headquarters.

 Southern Europe's most innovative bank installs a call center solution based on SitePlan and Phase 2 Software's design and internet architecture. The multi-lingual approach provides an infrastructure for highly distributed call distribution and management.

Call Center

 SitePlan and ActiveEdge New Media work together to launch a ground breaking e-commerce solution for Hunters Angling Supplies, the leading fly fishing catalog.

 SitePlan unveils a 100% web-based help desk system to make corporate intranets truly responsive to employee and customer needs.

 SitePlan, Phase 2 Software and IVC, Inc. work together to build a high performance infrastructure for distributed call centers. The solution employs Java and CORBA middleware to integrate enterprise-class servers, sophisticated digital voice-response and phone switching with a browser-based desktop.

 SitePlan works with a major software vendor to create a worldwide customer service system. Its web application works with three geographically separate call centers in the US, Europe and Australia to help clients find pre-existing solutions, submit problems and track resolutions 24 hours a day.

 CIO WebBusiness magazine recognizes SitePlan's work as an outstanding example of extranet innovation. The Progress Software Solutions Partner Catalog connects hundreds of worldwide business partners in multiple languages and saved over $250,000 in costs its first year.

Partner Catalog

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